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Beauty Bank Compact Mirror Power Bank

Carry a mirror that doubles as a power bank with the Beauty Bank Compact Mirror Power Bank. Featuring a 3000mAh lithium polymer battery, the Beauty Bank conveniently comes with a USB port on the side. It also includes a micro USB cable so you can quickly charge the power bank. This illuminating compact mirror works as a portable charger for both Apple and Android devices. Likewise, the vanity light comes in handy at night. Additionally, the Beauty Bank comes with two mirrors – one normal mirror and a three times magnifying mirror. There are several options for you to choose from including the S. Taylor London Beauty Bank, the Fifth & Ninth Beauty Bank and the Swarovski Beauty Bank. All options feature a luxurious velvety finish. Finally, the limited edition Swarovski Beauty Bank has authentic Swarovski crystals covering the whole front for an extra glamorous look.