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Baksteen Minimalist Crossbody Bag

Comfortably carry everything you need for the day with the Baksteen Minimalist Crossbody Bag. Made of high-quality canvas, this pack features a waterproof and anti-theft design. Likewise, Baksteen’s zipper is hidden behind your back, preventing anyone from opening it without your knowledge. Baksteen comes with a mini-strap, eliminating the annoying swing that often occurs with standard crossbody bags. In addition, the interior of the bag provides two pockets to help organize your belongings. One pocket is in the main compartment while the other is behind the opening lid. Similarly, each internal pocket is divided into three sections. Baksteen also has an external pocket, complete with a waterproof zipper. With its 5-liter capacity, the bag easily fits your EDC essentials like your wallet, smartphone and water bottle.