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ASUS Lyra Voice Alexa Router Speaker

Tackle more with just your voice when you have the ASUS Lyra Voice Alexa Router Speaker. It’s not a misprint; this device combines the big sound of a speaker with the connectivity of a router. Using Bluetooth technology, the Lyra Voice features two 8W speakers to blast out your tunes. Likewise, you can interact with Alexa and even control your other smart home devices. On the router side of things, the Lyra Voice actually connects with other ASUS Lyra devices. This means that you can spread your wireless connectivity throughout your home thanks to AiMesh technology. As intelligent as the interior is, the exterior looks just as smart. The all-fabric cover is modern with just the right amount of style. At the top are minimal buttons for standard controls while the back has a simple on/off switch and a few ports.