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Arkk Wallet – The Sleekest RFID Blocking Minimalist Wallet in The World

Form follows function with the Arkk Wallet. Its unique pivoting motion provides quick access to cards when needed, secure when not. The Arkk Wallet was designed to have a slim and minimal design with integrated features such as ease of access, RFID security and aesthetic appeal. Features of the Arkk Wallet : Slim and minimal, RFID secure blocking technology, True minimalist design, Lightweight yet durable, Aircraft grade Aluminium, Unique pivot motion, Non-woven elastic, Coin slot, Available in Grey/Dark Tamo, Black/Mahogany and White/Light Cherry, It was designed for the true minimalist. It was designed to open with a one-hand left swipe like motion. It has simple one-way open and close mechanism. It’s sleek. It’s an Arkk Wallet.