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AirVisual NODE Smart Air Monitor

Stay informed about the air around you with the AirVisual NODE Smart Air Monitor. Detecting everything from bacteria to CO2, you’ll receive real-time updates right to your device. With these alerts, you can make instant changes in your home to ensure the air your family is breathing is the best. Complete with a 5-inchc screen, NODE can tell you the quality of the air in your home as well as your city. In addition, it tells you the humidity, temperature, PM2.5 concentration, and more. The device even gives you an air quality forecast. These features are important as indoor air can be even more harmful than outdoor. This is because of the confinement and poor circulation. With the NODE Air Monitor, you can rid your family of fatigue, headaches, and anxiety associated with bad air quality. Take a deep breath of fresh air with the NODE Smart Air Monitor.