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Ahh Hah! Personal Finance Organizer Kit

Wealth starts with a plan. But you already knew this. Where to begin is the biggest hurdle! The Personal Finance Organizer provides a professional and simple starting place. Yes, there are a bunch of programs and apps out there to help you, but ALL of them require you to assemble your paperwork in one place. This is where the kit steps in. An organizing solution needs to last for 10 – 20 years. Past format changes, past software obsolesce, past the next operating system, past the next whiz bang device. No need to be a quat jock. You need one stable, secure home for your paperwork. One that can serve as an organizing backbone and support your technology. The kit includes twelve professional pre-printed index tabs. The tabs and categories are carefully made with your financial future in mind. Together with the cover, spine and table of contents page, they make an attractive financial organizer. You just have to pop the kit into a 3-ring binder. An ideal long-term solution for anyone who wants to chart their wealth.