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6” Dome Port and Cover for GoPro by TELESIN

Perfect your underwater action photography with the 6” Dome port and Cover for GoPro by TELESIN. Compatible with GoPro Hero 3, 3+, and 4, this dome port and cover are ideal for professionals and novices alike. The dome’s distance from the lens pushing the water line away thus allowing the GoPro to capture footage both above and below the water simultaneously. The dome completely encapsulates the GoPro rendering it untouched by water but the functionality and buttons are still present. Shaped like a ping pong paddle, the handle is easy to hold and also rotates to capture any angle. The dome is matched and engineered for GoPro, giving it superior optical performance. Made of high grade acrylic and finished with a lanyard so it won’t float away, the 6” Dome Port and Cover for GoPro by TELESIN will up your underwater photo game.