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24two Convertible Leather Backpack

Spruce up your everyday look with the 24two Convertible Leather Backpack. Designed to fulfil both form and function, this bag is the ultimate commuter backpack. Of course, the Convertible Backpack is complete with an all-leather design. Incredibly, this luxurious look extends all forms the backpack takes on. You can carry it with both straps over your shoulders for an expedited journey. Or, you can flip it onto its side and carry it like a briefcase with the built-in handles. Or, if you’re feeling particularly stylish, you can use the integrated strap to carry it as a messenger bag. In addition, the Convertible Backpack also has two compartments; one for business and one for everything else. It even has an external battery to top up your devices. With a dedicated laptop compartment, all your gear will be safe and sound on your journey.