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Barracuda Smart Collapsible Carry-on

Barracuda Carry-on is the world’s first fully-collapsible carry-on smart suitcase. Striking a perfect balance between design and technology, Barracuda comes complete with innovative and cutting-edge features including a built-in USB charger, Bluetooth location tracking, laptop tray, and more! Collapse your Barracuda in seconds and tuck it away under your bed in a sleek storage bag. Or hang it in your closet ready for your next trip. It’s right there for you. The carry-on comes with a laptop tray because laptops aren’t always comfortable on laps. You can also use its two cup holders to have a beverage with a friend. In a packed airport, a little extra shelf space is always welcome. Ergonomic and distinctive 360°rotating handle include a push button that will allow it to be locked in one of 6 positions.