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Montfort Watches – With a Super Stainless Steel Casing

Set a whole new form of design trend on your wrist with the Montfort Watches. Featuring futuristic super stainless steel casing and a 3D printed dial, these watches are a tribute to a ‘form follows function’ ethos. The compact design that is only 11mm thick can be worn for any occasion. These watches are available in four models named after modern day heroes (fictional or not) such as James, Frank, Bruce and Vador. The purpose of going for the hardened steel case was to enhance the durability of the watch which is often poor in watches that come with normal 316L stainless steel. Next, the 3D printed dials are bound to make you fall for this watch, this novel way of making dials is strikingly beautiful. Other than this, the watch also shows off a Diamond Like Coating (DLC) that has impressive tribology and hardness properties. To complement the amazing dial are the Italian leather straps with the red ‘lorica’ lining that is bio-compatible as well as sweat-resistant. Choose the band of your choice and go for one of these masterpieces on Kickstarter now!