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Mod Laptop 3 Leather Folio

Take your work on the go with the Mod Laptop 3 Leather Folio by This Is Ground. This sleek and stylish carry-all really does carry it all. On the right inner pocket is a sleeve dedicated to your laptop. It has a leather wall along with a microfiber lining to protect it from damage. Additionally, it has two microfiber lined pockets on the left for your tablet, eReader, and smartphone. The left side also features enough storage for your cables, earbuds, writing utensils, stylus, and even your credit cards and tickets. There’s even space for Tile, the included tracking device. As part of the Mod collection, this the Mod Laptop 3 has compartmentalized attachments so you can enhance the folio. The fully leather construction gives this folio a classic and distinguished look. In addition, the entire case remains slim to keep your load light.