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Luxury Watches With Wood Marquetry Dial

KOPPO’s timepieces are brought to life by artisans, who are passionate about preserving a heritage of rare expertise. They have partnered with the best artisans in France and Switzerland to produce timepieces that will last a lifetime. Each of their dials is unique and involves numerous steps since they are made out of an unconventional material in the world of watchmaking: wood and with a very old technique: marquetry. All their watches are assembled with a Swiss movement (Ronda) by a French watchmaker based in the small town of Morteau, that has a long track record of creating reliable and precise timepieces. They come in three different collections: ORIGINELLE, HARMONY and METIERS D’ARTS COLLECTION, each of which is equally elegant and unique. All these watches will come in 2 sizes: 36mm and 40mm, suitable for men and women. Get one for your loved ones now!