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Automatic Watch – The Mechanical One

The new automatic watch, known as The Mechanical One from TRIARROWS brings a stylish but affordable wristwatch for your wrist. To emphasize modern metropolis, they have applied the metallic touch and the use of metallic tone in the design of the way to highlight the metropolitan impression. They have also increased the space of the Open-heart to let you see more of the escapement. The inspiration of their in-house designed rotating small second dish originates from the revolving door found in a modern commercial building and its luxury atmosphere. A sandwich dial is adopted to bring out a 3-dimensional perception. Also, its silver color and sun-brushed dial will emanate a metropolitan and luxurious impression. They have added two stripes to the design of the case to give it a streamlined appearance and a feeling of elegance. There is a polishing on the lugs of the case to contrast the vertical brushing off the case, making the bright surface contrast the shade in a beautiful way.