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Dual Compartment Trash Cans

You can now store all your trash neatly inside these Dual Compartment Trash Cans by Simplehuman. They make the process of sorting out trash easy and hassle-free. There are two separate compartments for holding your trash. One side is for normal trash, and the other side is for recyclables. You can easily flip up the liner rim every time you want to change the liner. You can then close the liner to hold it in place. Additionally, there is a liner pocket in the back for the liner refill packs. You will also get the nano-silver clear coat on the can. It protects the stainless steel from catching fingerprints or germs. Moreover, the Lid Shox technology will ensure the lid is closed each and every time silently. This Dual Compartment Trash Can is undoubtedly an ideal addition for your modern home.