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Aura Clean Ultrasonic Toothbrush System from Tao Clean

Take your oral hygiene care experience to new heights of excellence with the Aura Clean Ultrasonic Toothbrush System from Tao Clean. The purpose of this system is to keep your toothbrush sanitized, charged and ready for use around the clock. By using two cleaning modes (professional and sensitive) and the ultrasonic technology, the toothbrush gives you the power to clean and whiten your teeth with up to 40,000 strokes per minute. The two minute timer will make sure you get the dentist recommended brushing time as well as change brushing zones with the help of the interval alert. Once done, you need to place the toothbrush in the Aura Clean Base Station which then starts the cleaning mode. Inside the base station is the Aura Clean Halo that is a 360-degree UV lamp for sanitizing and destroying germs and pathogens that stay on your brush. If you think your toothbrush isn’t getting proper sanitization, this system will make sure it does.